Saturday, 28 November 2015

Festive Mulled Wine Recipe (Great for Apple Juice or Cider too)

As the cold weather settles in and the festive season draw near, there's nothing better than to warm up in the evenings with a cheery mug or glass of mulled wine.

This recipe with fresh citrus and whole spices gives the mulled wine a delicious vibrancy. You can get creative using other bases like apple cider, or for an alcohol free version, spice up your warm apple juice!

1 bottle red wine (alternatively, cider or apple juice for non alcohol drinkers and kids)
2 large oranges, juiced (add in both juice and rinds)
3 lemon slices
Fresh ginger slices
Whole spices: cinnamon pieces or stick, pinch of cloves (6-8), cardamom (use 5-7, crush slightly to release seeds), 2-3 star anis, nutmeg - grated
Sugar or honey to taste


Combine all ingredients in a saucepan.

Gently heat to below boiling for 20min.

Turn off heat & leave covered to infuse to intensify spiced flavour.

Warm up again and strain into a glass or mug to serve.

Drink and be merry!

Festive wishes,

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