Thursday, 4 September 2014

Celebrating 3000 likes ~ Tea & Tarot GIVEAWAY!


Introducing a new service 

~ Tea and Tarot ~ 

Not many of you know this about me...

I'm an astrological tarot reader with over 16 years experience. I used to offer readings more regularly before I started my herbal medicine degree, but it took a back seat while I was doing my studies and setting up my herbal practice. 

That was over 9 years ago now! I've missed it. 

I am now ready to reintroduce tarot to my holistic wellness practice in a new form. 

I am now offering ~ Tea and Tarot ~ readings that include a personalised herbal tea blend based on a holistic wellness questionnaire, your astrology chart and tarot card reading.

As part of the 3000 likes celebrations, in addition to a complimentary reading for being part of my 3000 Nourish and Flourish FB folk, I offered a *Tea and Tarot* reading GIVEAWAY to 3 randomly selected people who liked or shared the 3000 likes post by midnight 3rd September '14 GMT.

Thanks for your likes and shares everyone who entered the Tea and Tarot Giveaway!

I closed my eyes, 

swirled around your names, 

and picked out 3.

The winners are....


Gillian Hills

Leesa Macintosh

Nijen Adalet Aksel

I will be in touch with you to arrange your reading, looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Thanks so much to all of you for participating :) 

I hope to run another giveaway in the next few months, maybe at Christmas time, so you may get another chance soon enough. 

If you haven't already found your herbal wisdom tarot card reading, here's the link.

Healing blessings, love & wisdom,
Fiona x

Celebrating 3000 FB Likes ~ Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading

Celebrating over 3000 FB likes! 

My humble gratitude to each and every liker at 
my Nourish and Flourish holistic biz page on FB! 

As a THANK YOU GIFT, I'm offering a herbal wisdom tarot reading just for you... 

Close your eyes and take a moment to breathe slowly and deeply... 

3 breaths... in... and... out... 

What issue do most need clarity and guidance on just now? 

See this in your mind's eye. 

As you open your eyes, select the card you feel most drawn to... 1, 2 or 3. 

Follow the link below to choose your reading.

Warmest wishes,

Your Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading ~ Card no 1 ~ VII The Chariot ~ Cyperus

Your Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading 

You chose card no 1 ~ VII The Chariot ~ Cyperus

The Chariot has become stuck in the Cyperus grass (technically a sedge, not a grass).

This appears when you need or have to take a pause in your mission, get back into balance for the journey ahead. You have an opportunity to prepare for, rest and get resourced for the next part of your quest. You have already come far in your experience and done well, but now it is time to take stock, re-evaluate your direction and get ready to move forward again feeling clear, renewed, purposeful and with energy.

Cyperus (Cyperus rotundus aka Nutgrass, Java Grass, Musta, Nut Sedge) herb is used widely in Ayurvedic, Chinese and other traditional Eastern, Western, Arabic and Asian folk medicine, a fragrant aromatic plant that aids digestion, containing antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anti-infective aromatic oils that relax muscles, strengthen gynecological systems, immunity and improve circulation - a good energising herb to bring mental and physical balance and ease.

There's a good research study here for the scientists among us.

Astrologically this card represents Cancer, ruled by the moon, bringing our attentions to our subtle feelings and fluctuating emotions. With awareness, imbalances can be overcome by recognising your needs with self nurturing, respecting your ebbs and flows, your body, vehicle and home as a temple and golden carriage through life.

A setback could be a blessing, an opportunity to heal, get strong, and back on track for the next stage.

Healing blessings,
Fiona x

P.S. I'd love to hear how this resonates with you. You are welcome to leave a comment below or on my Nourish and Flourish FB page.

Your Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading ~ Card no 2 ~ VI The Lovers ~ Parsley

You chose card no 2 ~ VI The Lovers ~ Parsley

The Lovers meet amongst the Parsley herb feeling a special connection, relaxed and open towards each other out in the sunny countryside.

This card appears when a significant new relationship blossoms. Two people meet and take delight in each other forming a strong bond through which each other can grow and heal. They learn deep wisdom about themselves in the reflection of the other. This is a chance to appreciate and be appreciated for each other's good qualities with love and admiration. Feeling able and safe to be vulnerable with another and reveal the true you feels liberating.

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) herb is a popular kitchen herb, used in garnishes, sprinkled in soup and salads. This aromatic plant is a good blood cleansing diuretic to support hormone producing glands, kidneys, urinary system, and liver, aiding digestion and bloating, nutritious, rich in energising vitamins, iron and other minerals. The root is used as a reproductive tonic, aphrodisiac and helpful for impotence.

Astrologically this card represents Gemini, ruled by mercury, bringing our attention to communication with others, finding wholeness through another, recognising the gifts and fulfilment another's qualities may bring you. Light, playful and inquisitive.

A meeting of hearts and minds in a potentially significant relationship allows for optimism, open communication, a fresh slate, new beginnings and pleasure in another's company.

Healing blessings,
Fiona x

P.S. I'd love to hear how this resonates with you. You are welcome to leave a comment below or on my Nourish and Flourish FB page.

Your Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading ~ Card no 3 ~ Ten of Pentacles ~ Wild Yam

You chose card no 3 ~ Ten of Pentacles ~ Wild Yam

A vine with heart shaped leaves grows to its peak and produces its abundant harvest, it depends on others to climb high and fruitful.

The 10 of Pentacles appears when you are ready to experience the fruits of your and/or your loved ones' labour. This is a period of seeing greater opportunities and material rewards for your physical, emotional and spiritual investments in time and energy, promoting an increase of comfort, stability and security. There is a sense of completion, achievement and contentment. You have worked hard for it and you deserve it. Enjoy this time of prosperity!

Wild Yam or in Latin, Dioscorea villosa, was named after Ancient Greek herbalist Dioscorides, who travelled as a physician with the Roman army, learning about the healing properties of plants wherever he went and wrote a rich resource on herbal medicine called, De Materia Medica, the go-to herbal reference for over 1500 years.

The herbal remedy helps to relieve discomfort. As an antispasmodic, it relieves muscle tension. It is relaxing and supportive to liver and digestive system imbalance. It's also a good women's herb, relieves menstrual cramping, nausea in pregnancy (with monitoring by herbalist), balancing dryness and hormonal symptoms in menopause.

Astrologically, Pentacles are related to the Earth element representing the emotional and physical functions of digestion, nourishment and elimination, feeling grounded and supported. 10 is the number of endings and preparing new beginnings. 

Abundance is experienced both emotionally and physically, allowing for relaxation and prosperous celebration in the transition to a new beginning.

Healing blessings,
Fiona x

P.S. I'd love to hear how this resonates with you. You are welcome to leave a comment below or on my Nourish and Flourish FB page.