Thursday, 4 September 2014

Your Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading ~ Card no 3 ~ Ten of Pentacles ~ Wild Yam

You chose card no 3 ~ Ten of Pentacles ~ Wild Yam

A vine with heart shaped leaves grows to its peak and produces its abundant harvest, it depends on others to climb high and fruitful.

The 10 of Pentacles appears when you are ready to experience the fruits of your and/or your loved ones' labour. This is a period of seeing greater opportunities and material rewards for your physical, emotional and spiritual investments in time and energy, promoting an increase of comfort, stability and security. There is a sense of completion, achievement and contentment. You have worked hard for it and you deserve it. Enjoy this time of prosperity!

Wild Yam or in Latin, Dioscorea villosa, was named after Ancient Greek herbalist Dioscorides, who travelled as a physician with the Roman army, learning about the healing properties of plants wherever he went and wrote a rich resource on herbal medicine called, De Materia Medica, the go-to herbal reference for over 1500 years.

The herbal remedy helps to relieve discomfort. As an antispasmodic, it relieves muscle tension. It is relaxing and supportive to liver and digestive system imbalance. It's also a good women's herb, relieves menstrual cramping, nausea in pregnancy (with monitoring by herbalist), balancing dryness and hormonal symptoms in menopause.

Astrologically, Pentacles are related to the Earth element representing the emotional and physical functions of digestion, nourishment and elimination, feeling grounded and supported. 10 is the number of endings and preparing new beginnings. 

Abundance is experienced both emotionally and physically, allowing for relaxation and prosperous celebration in the transition to a new beginning.

Healing blessings,
Fiona x

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