Thursday, 4 September 2014

Your Herbal Wisdom Tarot Reading ~ Card no 2 ~ VI The Lovers ~ Parsley

You chose card no 2 ~ VI The Lovers ~ Parsley

The Lovers meet amongst the Parsley herb feeling a special connection, relaxed and open towards each other out in the sunny countryside.

This card appears when a significant new relationship blossoms. Two people meet and take delight in each other forming a strong bond through which each other can grow and heal. They learn deep wisdom about themselves in the reflection of the other. This is a chance to appreciate and be appreciated for each other's good qualities with love and admiration. Feeling able and safe to be vulnerable with another and reveal the true you feels liberating.

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) herb is a popular kitchen herb, used in garnishes, sprinkled in soup and salads. This aromatic plant is a good blood cleansing diuretic to support hormone producing glands, kidneys, urinary system, and liver, aiding digestion and bloating, nutritious, rich in energising vitamins, iron and other minerals. The root is used as a reproductive tonic, aphrodisiac and helpful for impotence.

Astrologically this card represents Gemini, ruled by mercury, bringing our attention to communication with others, finding wholeness through another, recognising the gifts and fulfilment another's qualities may bring you. Light, playful and inquisitive.

A meeting of hearts and minds in a potentially significant relationship allows for optimism, open communication, a fresh slate, new beginnings and pleasure in another's company.

Healing blessings,
Fiona x

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