Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Tree Year 2011 - Introducing my Silver Birch

This year is the International Year of the Forests 2011...  
Back in February I searched the net to see what events are going on to celebrate this wonderful tribute to our beloved friends - the trees - and came across a brilliant project:

The Tree Year 

The idea is to choose one tree and observe it throughout the year, sharing posts on The Tree Year blog and facebook page of your inspirations, drawings, photos etc. 

Although 2011 is already at the half way point, I have been faithfully visiting a lovely tree close to where I live in Edinburgh's Holyrood Park. Well, better late than never, to finally share with you the tree that I have been following since February. How much changes in 6 months!

Introducing to you... the beautiful, graceful... 

Silver Birch

My first meeting with a naked Silver Birch standing proudly
in a snowy meadow against a grey winter sky.
My dog Whisky comes with me on my walks to visit the tree.

I wonder what Silver Birch Bark tastes like?
The distinctive bark of the Silver Birch.
The 2 large branches reaching upwards and smaller branches and twigs
radiating off them remind me of trees' reputation as the "lungs of the earth".
A shot of the tree framed by the twiglets of a neighboring birch
on a slightly warmer winter's day.

Looking elegant and mysterious under the dark and light of the scottish clouds.

There's a perfect branch for sitting on after a long walk. Resting against the trunk,
you can see the top of Arthur's Seat, a popular destination for Edinburgh's walkers. 

The view down the valley is pretty good too.

The silvery bark make birch trees stand out in the winter landscape.

Silvery snow white limbs basking in the sun of a cold winter's day.

Waving hello to its fellow birch friends a little further up the hill...
Coming soon, in my Silver Birch's Tree Year... 

"Spring is on its way" 

Keep posted for more musings and medicinal uses of the majestic Silver Birch!

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