Monday, 12 March 2012

New Spring Beginnings... An Invitation to Nourish and Flourish!

In celebration of new beginnings, this post is full of juicy offerings to enhance your quality of life, happiness, health and wellness, sharing this springtime goodness with all of you...

This month I am delighted to be exploring new herbal horizons and expanding my practice in Edinburgh, starting at two lovely new clinics: Bristo Yoga Therapy Room & Neal's Yard RemediesI am grateful to be integrating my work with the talented teams of holistic healthcare practitioners also based there, and looking forward to a fresh start, brimming with new ideas, possibilities and potential for health and healing.

In anticipation of Springtime, I am delighted to announce the arrival of my new newsletter due out this Spring - the Nourish & Flourish Newsletter.

This brand new free monthly emailed newsletter will be filled with seasonal holistic health care articles and herbal first aid tips, including the latest special offers from myself and holistic health practitioners, remedy recipes, health and wellness book reviews, and news about my upcoming herbal events and other local happenings in Edinburgh to help you nourish & flourish.

This newsletter is being created to bring great benefit to you and your loved ones' well being, so I would welcome you to share your wisdom, contact me with your feedback, requests for articles, herbal information, and please do share any news of local holistic health events, your own wellness top tips, anecdotes and stories of the healing power of nature.

To thank you for joining me on this journey, with your first newsletter I am also giving away a free report of my Top Ten Tips to Nourish and Flourish Naturally. I know that if you implement just one or two of these tips that they can have a deeply transformative effect on body, mind and soul. So I hope you enjoy them and that they may support you on your personal quest for wholeness and fulfillment.

Finally, if you are considering a health and wellness overhaul to see in the Spring with the power of herbs and nature and wish to visit me for a holistic herbal healthcare consultation, I look forward to welcoming you, and any of your friends and family with a £10.00 Gift Certificate towards your first herbal consultation at either of my new herbal clinics! 

Simply click here to sign up for your free monthly Nourish & Flourish Newsletter, free health and wellness report on Top Ten Tips to Nourish and Flourish Naturally and £10.00 Gift Certificate off a herbal consultation before end of May '12. 

You're very welcome to share with your friends...

Flourishing wishes,


P.S. For Facebook users, you are welcome to come to say hello and receive more regular updates by 'liking' my Nourish and Flourish FB Page.

P.P.S. Fancy entering Spring by nourishing your soul on a light-hearted course about Healing with Herbs & 5 Element Theory in a beautiful remote peaceful valley at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre? Some spaces still available to join us for a blissful health retreat on the Indigo Medicine Tea Party weekend on Fri 29th March to Sun 1st April 2012.


  1. Monday, March 19, 2012
    hello, Nice Cousin...How are you, Hope everything went so very well there where you are :):)

    Glad to read your invitation over FB. Having read brief description about Herbal Wellness here, Mood Altering Herbs are the first to come to my mind. Thank you :) for my deep Understanding about Herbs Mentioned by you, I am Gladly reading slowly the info needed about Herbs posted here...

    ...Unable to write this message over your invitation Page over FB, I would rather post my Interest in it here...;)

    Trully, Dean

  2. Hi Dean - Hope you are well. Springtime is bursting forth here in Scotland. Thanks for your kind wishes and request for info on Mood Altering Herbs. I will ensure this is included in a future newsletter. Warm wishes, Fiona :)

    1. Yea...
      To Live In Scotland in Springtime maybe exhilarating, with warm, sunny day can be almost guaranteed, Flowers are everywhere...;) Maybe it's time to eat salad with everything freshly picked is eagerly looked forward to, right.
      Clear blue skies allow Beautiful views here where I am. It's a time we Both enjoy where we are:)and Yeaaa, Kindly Considering the Request Fi :)...thank you so much

      ..Okay, I leave this first to see you again sometimes later another day, In the meantime I'm keeping myself busy reading about Herbs ;)

      ..Thank you for your Kind Reply Fiona...Trully, :)dean