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Review of Hay House World Summit 2013

This year is the first ever Hay House Global Online Summit - ten days from 1st to 10th June 2013 of free access to amazing conversations with some of the world's leading transformational authors, speakers and trainers.

Hay House World Summit

I was fortunate to have had my first experience of a Hay House event attending the live 2 day I Can Do It Scotland 2012 conference last year at the SECC in Glasgow. Although I consider myself pretty open minded about most things, I must admit I felt a little sceptical beforehand reading through some of the titles and summaries of the talks.

Angels... Miraculous healing... Six senses... Past life regression... Some pretty far out subject matter!

However, as I am passionate about personal development for myself and my clients, and had been generously offered a free ticket by my friend Cindy, I thought, "Why not? I could learn a thing or two." Well, that was a total understatement!

My mind was absolutely blown away by the speakers. All my judgments very quickly melted away, feeling myself profoundly transformed by the words I was hearing. I marvelled that my stars must have cosmically aligned for me to be offered that free ticket and came away from the event deeply humbled, honoured to have been part of the whole life-changing experience, and incredibly grateful.

So when I found out that Hay House was hosting this online event with free access to ten or more conversations daily for ten days with a mind-boggling array of inspiring speakers, I signed up in a flash. Every day this week I have been tuning in to listen to one or two episodes and reconnecting to that wonderful expansive energy that I found myself surrounded by at last year's event.

I have been selecting the conversations that I felt I need most in my life just now, and also those by speakers that I was so moved by at the Glasgow event, such as home grown scottish personal development and spiritual experts (a very rare breed!) Ali Cambell, Kyle Gray and Dr David Hamilton.

Somehow it feels that all of the material I have been listening to has been so amazingly timely and pertinent to shifting my current life challenges for the better. For example, being introduced to the world of animal healing and communication by Danielle MacKinnon while my dog Whisky is currently going through a sudden health issue that has been very poorly managed by her vet.

Also very timely have been the episodes I have been listening to today on changing your relationship with money by Suze Ormond & Kate Northrup. This is something that I have been focusing a lot of my attention on this year and again blown over by this content manifesting for me now at this time. I have now come to associate Hay House books, authors and events with a mystical sense of synchronicity.

In the over 110 conversations of this online summit, there is such a huge volume of priceless content that the cost to sign up for lifetime access to the mp3 downloads and transcripts seems to me almost ridiculously good value! There is so much love, wisdom and healing to be found here, hours and hours of enlightening messages to soak up.

If you, like me, love being inspired by methods to grow and evolve in ways to benefit yourself and your community, I hope you read this post in time to catch the last couple of days of this free global online event. If not, I would certainly recommend looking out for a Hay House event coming to an area near you some time soon. Or there's always next year!

Hay House World Summit

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