Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Growing Your Community 3 - How To Get Over 2500 Likes On Your Facebook Page (Part 3 - Tips 7-8 & Bonus)

Welcome to Part 3 on how to grow your facebook community to over 2500 likes! 

If you missed Part 2 with my first 6 tips on growing your facebook (FB) page community authentically, click here first and I’ll see you back here shortly…  

Ready for more? Check these out…   

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Tip 7. Join or start a liking party!  

From your personal page, you can search for and join groups in your area of interest. See if you can find any threads or attached notes where they are sharing group members pages and doing ‘like’ swaps.   

If not, just go in and start your own FB liking party! Do respect any ground rules, some groups prefer to share personal links in a separate document. In general, people are delighted to have a chance to get more page likes and members on their lists.   

You can also find or create FB like parties in forums outside FB, such as Linked In, Yahoo groups, etc. It can be helpful to clarify that posting a page for others to 'like' implies that the poster will also 'like' everyone else’s page in that thread and encourage them to leave comments and share others' posts on their own pages as much as possible.   

Tip 8. Be patient and consistent.  

Yes, it seems slow at first, but just let go of results, and get into the habit of doing combinations of these regularly. Doing any of the above once a week or more, you will gradually get out there and you will surprise yourself one day by reaching one milestone, then another, then another...   

I was asked, “How much time have you spent on your page to get so many followers? 3 hours daily?”  

I spent more time on it when I first set it up, never as much as 3 hours a day though! I got those numbers by genuinely connecting with other pages I liked and interacting with them. I have never had much of a strategy, perhaps I'd have a lot more if I had! I may have spent as much as an hour or so every day or two in the past - more or less.   

My page has just been drip dripping with likes over time, there are times I don't post for ages now, but semi-regular posting, ideally daily (at least in the beginning) works well and I now just post at least once a week, but probably should be doing it more!   

Do limit the amount of time you spend on this! It can be easy to fritter a lot of time on FB and get frustrated that you are behind schedule with your other tasks.   

Little and often will get you there as does time and infusing your page with your own genuine passion, heart, soul, and good energy.   

Bonus Tip…  

I found I got good feedback on posting pics from my live events afterwards. This intrigues people to consider attending themselves afterwards. 

You can start off sharing others’ posts for your page content, but creating your own pictures and posts generates the most interest, and therefore more likes!  

"Cheers to your growing FB community!"
This was my Medicinal Summer Cocktails workshop at Neal's Yard Remedies, Edinburgh. 

In a Nutshell…  

Can’t quite believe how I have such a large group now, it grew really naturally, but my advice would be just make connections, interact and be consistent - share what you love. Let it be an organic process. 

Simply visit pages you like, leaving personal heart-felt messages complimenting what you like about their work or page. 

Share the link to their page on your own page, and share your page link in a message, asking if they would like to visit your page and connect through FB. 

When things seem a little slow, you can stir things up by attending or throwing a FB 'like' party!  

I do hope these tips help your facebook page and business to grow and flourish! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how this info is of benefit to you. 

If you have your own tips and resources to share on growing communities on FB or just want to say hello, I welcome you to do so in the comments below and feel free to leave a link to your own FB page ;)

When you’ve done that, do come back and share the love at http://www.facebook.com/NourishandFlourish :)  

To your flourishing facebook community,  

Fiona Morris helps heart-centred creative professionals and health practitioners explore new dimensions in holistic healing, who are ready for support in building a firm foundation of self care and healing methods for flourishing health and wellness.   

Fiona is a Medical Herbalist promoting optimal well being through holistic health and herbal workshops and courses, wild remedy walks, wellness consultations and programmes. For more info and 
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  1. Fiona - wonderful posts about getting more FB Likes! So happy I took the time this afternoon to sit here and read as I sipped my coffee and waited for my lentil soup to bubble in the cauldron! ;)

    1. Sounds just delicious Astra! I do hope this info will be of help to you. Thanks so much for stopping by & taking the time to leave a comment :)

    2. Thank you, and you are very welcome! (And yes, my soup was delicious! :D )

  2. I'm implementing your top tips already, thank you. x

    1. My absolute pleasure Rebecca! Thanks for your message, hope these tips help you reach more people who need your voice :)