Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How to Create a Heart and Money Mindset

How To Create A Heart & Money Mindset - On-line Fundraiser 
Do you run or are you thinking of running your own business? 

Do you have the emotions and mindset to attract success?

Come to this fundraising webinar on How To Create a Heart and Money Mindset with Alisoun Mackenzie on Monday 12th August, 7-8pm BST.

My friend Alisoun is the creator of The Heart Centered Network and is off to Rwanda in six weeks time. She would love to raise enough cash to send one of the kids she works with to university for 4 years (approx cost of $2,000).

Alisoun's running this fundraising event next month and I wonder if you'd be kind enough to share it with your friends, in your groups, through your facebook pages, or to your list, to bring benefit to as many people as possible.

The event is being recorded so people can listen to it at any time - so for only £10 people will get a recording that could significantly change their financial future and that of a young genocide survivor.

Here's the link to the event: http://heartmoney.eventbrite.co.uk/

Or if you know anyone who'd like to donate, here is the link to Alisoun Mackenzie's fundraising page for Create Global Healing / Project LIGHT - http://bit.ly/gKcGpS

Create Global Healing / Project LIGHT is a charity helping young orphan genocide survivors from Rwanda cope with the trauma of genocide, teaching business and leadership skills to build sustainable businesses and create better futures for themselves.

Alisoun is also my own fantastic business mentor. So I can personally highly recommend her heart felt and practical trainings first hand!

Amazing value and life changing content for just £10 that also benefits others. Win win! 

I will be attending and would love to share experiences and insights afterwards with you :)

Thank you!

Wishing you love and prosperity,

P.S. You can find out more about Alisoun's work on her website: http://alisoun.com/

And, here's that link again to share with your friends and colleagues...

How to Create a Heart and Money Mindset - http://heartmoney.eventbrite.co.uk/

Feel free to cut and paste any of the text above to help get the word out. 

image courtesy of http://alisoun.com

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