Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Create Your Optimal Wellness Treasure Map

Looking for new ways to sustain a healthy mind and body balance?

Want to discover a wealth of methods to boost your health and well being naturally?

Are you ready to access your inner resources to promote greater energy, clarity and focus?

Is it time to commit to your self care to enhance the lives of others and inspire those around you?

You are in the right place.

Envision yourself in a state of Optimal Wellness...

As a Medical Herbalist and Holistic Wellness Expert specialising in preventative health, I believe that each and every one of us has the potential for Optimal Wellness.

This blog is a space where I share my own adventures in Optimal Wellness with the Nourish and Flourish community, exploring safe, effective, natural methods to boost energy levels and vibrant living. 

Here also you will find contributions from my colleagues, talented healers, mind-body therapists and educators, invited to offer their gifts as guest bloggers to share their skills and wisdom and encourage us to flourish together. 

Whether you are already an expert health practitioner or a complete beginner to natural health care, by regularly visiting this blog and signing up for my free e-newsletter, over time you will receive precious information to be able to piece together your own Optimal Wellness Treasure Map.

 image courtesy of Scott Howard

I dedicate this blog to raising awareness of nature's abundant healing gifts and remedies for our collective holistic health and wellness, so do come back and share your own inspiring stories and adventures in healing here

Knowing how hard this journey can be on your own, and for those of you ready to be supported on your journey to wellness, I have created my signature Optimal Wellness Programme.

I'd be honoured to be your expert guide on this adventure and support you all the way through both the challenges and the triumphs.

On your Optimal Wellness Programme, together we create your personal Wellness Treasure Map on a series of 8 one to one holistic healthcare sessions. These are designed to fully support you as an individual and structured at a pace to suit you. I work with you as one of your dream team to build your own solid foundation for flourishing health and vibrant wellness. 

You may choose whether a gradual, slow and steady year long pace matches where you are at right now, or whether a more varied pace works best to fit in with your current lifestyle. Alternatively, you may be ready to dive into a fast paced turbo-charged programme of a couple of months.

Whichever path you choose, whether simply joining our Nourish and Flourish community or taking a self care commitment and quantum leap into the Optimal Wellness Programme, your treasure map awaits. 

Discover your ancient key to unlock the golden chest within, releasing hidden strengths, and revealing the state of vibrant health and freedom that is your true self.

To your Wellness Adventure!

Fiona Morris helps heart-centred creative professionals, health practitioners and wellness adventurers who are ready for expert support to create a firm foundation of self care and healing methods for flourishing health and wellness.

Fiona is a Medical Herbalist promoting optimal well being through holistic health and herbal workshops and courses, wild remedy walks, wellness consultations and programmes.

For more info and free report on Fiona's Top 10 Tips to Nourish and Flourish visit: http://www.fionamorrisherbalist.co.uk 
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