Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Loyal Herbal Walk Companion

Some of you who have read my blog posts, attended my events or visited me for holistic healthcare will have heard me speak of my loyal herb walk companion, my dog Whisky. 

I am sad to announce that my dear faithful friend of the past 11 years passed away before I left for my travels after becoming ill following a diagnosis of mouth cancer, on the night following a fantastic workshop I led on Kitchen Remedy Making

What a challenging day of highs and lows...

Her death came at a difficult time, during a very busy month as I was preparing for a big trip to the Far East, but perhaps because of this, it was a real invitation for spiritual growth.

Her actual passing was so beautiful. I am grateful I was able to be with her when she left, at home, peaceful and surrounded by candle lights. Her funeral on the beach was infused with sweet smelling herbs. 

Her last months were a journey for me in exploring holistic pet cancer care, truly experiencing unconditional love, letting go, and a real opportunity to empathise with all those living with cancer and their loved ones.

My dissertation for my BSc (hons) degree in Herbal Medicine was in Herbal Management for Grief in Life-Threatening Illness. So I felt incredibly fortunate to be so well supported by the feedback on supportive methods I received on this from herbalists that I had surveyed throughout the UK.

Although this was a difficult time for me, it was a real gift in helping me realise my ability to push through my supposed limits.

Good bye dear Whisky! Fare well on the next phase of your soul travels. Your love, loyalty and spirit remains forever in my heart...

This post is dedicated to all experiencing the suffering of illness & loss, past, present and future with love and healing

P.S. If you wish, you are welcome to view some of the photos on Facebook of my amazing adventures with Whisky and her beautiful herbal funeral.

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