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Growing Your Community 2 - How To Get Over 2500 Likes On Your Facebook Page (Part 2 – Tips 1-6)

Welcome to Part 2 on how to grow your facebook community to over 2500 likes!

If you missed Part 1 with my story of how I grew my Nourish and Flourish facebook page, click here first and I’ll see you back here shortly…

Here are my tips to growing your facebook community to over 2500 likes:

Tip 1. Send friends personal invites.

I sent auto invites to all my FB friends to ‘like’ my page, but I think only 10-20% of them did as not all my pals are into natural health, and are probably as bombarded with requests for their time and attention as you are!

If you send personal friends a private message with a link to your page and a friendly personal message, they may be more likely to give you a ‘like’, but don’t take it personally if they don’t.

You can ask them to share your page on their walls too and if possible come to visit your page and say hello and give feedback. It may help if they have a page that you can promote for them too!

Tip 2. Search for like minds.

Visit and ‘like’ similar pages to yours and ones that you feel personally drawn to. Connect with other pages with a similar theme ie. holistic health, herbal remedies, nutrition, natural living, wellness, heart centered, etc. in my case.

Search with relevant keywords and view the pages that your favourite pages like for more inspiration and connections. The more the merrier, like away! It makes for good content in your page news feed for sharing on your page later.

Tip 3. Join the discussion.

Go to other pages as your page and get involved! To do this, click on the cog wheel in the top right hand corner of your personal page and select your business or community page. Leave complimentary and engaging comments on their pages, and ask questions, particularly on threads with a lively discussion and lots of likes and comments.

If people like your comments and posts on others pages, it increases your visibility and encourages regulars on their page to click through to visit yours.

Others in the same thread get updates on their personal page when someone else has submitted a response and if they like your reply or interested in your page name, other people in that thread may notice and may click through to your page and like it!

Tip 4. Be friendly.

Leave a private message and wall post to let them know what you love about their work, posts, and feel of the page. Visit their website links on the About Me tab to find out more about them and make it really personal.

Invite them to visit your site and share their content on your page in a personal message with a link to your page. You will get a far better response and form genuine connections than cutting and pasting a generic response.

Tip 5. Credit where credit’s due.

Like other pages’ posts and share them on your page, with a credit to the page where you sourced it with a hyperlink to their page. To do this, type @, followed by their page name and select it when it appears below to create the link (note: not all pages do depending on their settings).

The more you do that, the more people will repay the favour if their theme is somehow in sympathy with yours. Not everyone will, but that's ok.

Doing this helps also to increase your visibility. Your post will show on their page too in the ‘posts by others’ section (again, depending on settings).

Tip 6. Give shout outs!

If you really like a page, share not only their posts, but their entire page with your community. This is a huge compliment that gets you noticed by the page owner, who may choose to engage with you by sharing your posts and leaving kind comments in return.

To do this, go to their page and click on the cog wheel next to the ‘liked’ button under their main picture banner on the right hand side. Then click ‘share’ on the drop down menu.

These 6 tips above should help you get the ball rolling… 

If you are ready for even more tips, click here for Part 3 of Growing Your Community - How To Get Over 2500 Likes On Your Facebook Page (Tips 7-8 and Bonus)

Fiona Morris helps heart-centred creative professionals and health practitioners explore new dimensions in holistic healing, who are ready for support in building a firm foundation of self care and healing methods for flourishing health and wellness. 

Fiona is a Medical Herbalist promoting optimal well being through holistic health and herbal workshops and courses, wild remedy walks, wellness consultations and programmes. For more info and free report on Fiona's Top 10 Tips to Nourish and Flourish visit: http://www.fionamorrisherbalist.co.uk

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