Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Growing Your Community 1 – How To Get Over 2500 Likes On Your Facebook Page (Part 1 – How I Grew My FB Page)

I particularly enjoy helping heart-centred creative professionals and health care practitioners like myself to flourish in their life journeys. Lately, I have had several requests to share how I have so many likes on my facebook page.

I have been asked: “How have you got so many followers? Have you been going a long time? Do you pay for advertising? It's amazing that you have so many here and a real credit to you!”

So, in this article I would like to share with my lovely readers how I have attracted over 2500 likes on my facebook page, and then share 8 top tips for how you can do the same!

If you have a group, business or subject that you are passionate about, you may have created a facebook page as a platform to connect and interact with like-minded folk.

After enthusiastically setting up your page, inviting everyone you know to join, and sharing some great content, you may soon find that you have reached the limit of your contacts and now struggling to build your community and getting little or no response for your efforts.

As much as your nearest and dearest love you, other than a few select loyal pals, the majority of your personal facebook friends are not that interested in herbal remedies and inspirational quotes from your favourite personal development gurus (in my case any way!).

After several frustrated efforts to boost your numbers, you get despondent and wonder how exactly do people get so many followers?

Here’s my growing facebook biz page story…

At the time of writing this post my page has 2651 likers. I set up my Nourish and Flourish facebook page in February 2011, almost two and a half years ago now. I did this partly just to jump on the bandwagon. Many businesses seemed to have their own facebook page by then so thought I'd better join in.

I also saw it as a great way of sharing my passion for all things holistic natural health and herbal mind-body wellness in a more focused way and reaching more people than through my personal page alone.

What I did initially was to go to similar themed pages (eg. holistic health and wellness) and liked and shared their pages, visiting as my Nourish and Flourish page, saying hello in a post and what I like about their page and posts, inviting them to share their content on my page, commenting on and liking their posts.

I have never yet paid for advertising. I think all my followers used to get all my posts before, whereas now only about 10% do. I set my page up before FB changed the viewing limitations in the past year so, compared to setting a new one up now, I think I was fortunate in getting a head start with page and post exposure to my existing community

So it was easier for people to get all my posts before, and 'like' them which encourages their communities to visit the page and 'like' as they will sometimes see pop ups of what their friends like.

But that was then, and now is now! I am now getting more likes than ever before, and you may think how can you do the same?

So without further ado, visit Part 2 to see what you can start to implement right away to grow your facebook community…

Fiona Morris helps heart-centred creative professionals and health practitioners explore new dimensions in holistic healing, who are ready for support in building a firm foundation of self care and healing methods for flourishing health and wellness. 

Fiona is a Medical Herbalist promoting optimal well being through holistic health and herbal workshops & courses, wild remedy walks, wellness consultations and programmes. For more info and free report on Fiona's Top 10 Tips to Nourish and Flourish visit: http://www.fionamorrisherbalist.co.uk

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