Saturday, 22 November 2014

Your New Moon Herbal Tarot Reading ~ Card no 1

New Moon in Sagittarius Herbal Tarot Reading 

You chose card no 1 ~ Nine of Pentacle ~ Dark Grapes

A woman sits amongst her grape vines, dressed in all her finery and enjoying the fruits of her efforts.

The Nine of Pentacles card recognises you for all your hard work and determination. You have planted seeds in the past, lovingly nurtured and tended to them as they grew over a long period of time through sunny spells and times of hardship, your persistence eventually pays off.

You can afford to take more breaks just now. Feeling stable and secure, you can invest more in yourself at this time as you are supported in more ways than one, allowing yourself to enjoy some luxuries. Be aware of a possible tendency to excess however, but this is a time for you to celebrate life and our earth's abundant gifts!

You may also feel you are in a position to give more to others at this time, knowing the struggles we have all experienced to different degrees, whether it is generosity in the form of material gifts, emotional and moral support, or simply advice based on your own trials and errors. 

The Dark Grapes indicated in the card are symbolic of abundance and fertility, slightly reminiscent of the opulence of Ancient Greeks. In Greek mythology, Dionysus (or Bacchus in Roman mythology) is often depicted with bunches of grapes and revered as the God of wine. 

In herbal medicine, the dark pigmentation in the skin of red or black grapes, called anthocyanins have a strong antioxidant effect on our body's cells, promoting healing and regeneration. These constituents have been shown to help boost cognitive function, reduce inflammation, prevent various diseases, protecting against environmental stress and support healthy cardiovascular function. 

Grape seed extracts have similar benefits. These have also been studied and used to help promote skin healing, support healthy musculoskeletal tissue growth and as a cancer preventive. Cold pressed grape seed oil is commonly used on skin as a light massage base oil by many bodywork therapists.

Why not treat yourself and household to a bunch or two of grapes? If you enjoy a glass of wine, treat yourself and a friend to a bottle of good quality red wine and toast to your good health and success. 

Enjoyment is a key word. There may be temptations to overdo things with this card especially as we head into the festive season, so explore fun and healthy ways to eat, drink and be merry... and share the abundance!

Healing blessings,
Fiona x

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