Saturday, 22 November 2014

Your Herbal Tarot Reading ~ New Moon in Sagittarius, Sat 22nd Nov '14

Today I'm gifting you with a one card herbal tarot reading to celebrate the new moon in Sagittarius.

The new moon is a time when the night sky is at its darkest, also known as the black moon, so it's a good time to refocus, gain clarity of vision, create and initiate a plan for the next phase ahead.

With the new moon in fiery expansive Sagittarius, the emphasis in general is to stretch your boundaries, take bold and decisive action steps, heart and mind opening wide, exploring new possibilities to broaden horizons, dreaming big and shooting for the stars.

I trust that the card you choose will help focus your intentions for the next moon cycle.

I offered these free herbal tarot readings back in September when I launched my new herbal astro tarot reading service. I've loved receiving such wonderful feedback from so many of you. So I'm considering doing these on a more regular basis to coincide with the new moon.

I've also been delighted to offer herbal astro tarot sessions with some of you already one to one on Skype and in person in Edinburgh during the past couple of months.

These readings come with explanation and pdf of your astrology birth chart, a one to one 90min herbal tarot reading with a high resolution image emailed after the session, and a personalised herbal tea blend based on your focus and the outcomes of your reading.

An astro herbal tarot tea is posted or delivered to you in the following week to enjoy their healing benefits and continue to reflect on what comes up afterwards.

Now on to your new moon reading...


Close your eyes, breathing 
deeply and gently into your belly....

Focus your heart and mind 
on any issues you would like 
support or guidance with 
over the next moon cycle....

When you're ready, 
open your eyes 
and click on the card number 
you feel most drawn to:

Love and blessings,

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