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Herbal Tarot New Moon in Aries Card No 2

You chose Card No 2
VI The Lovers ~ Parsley

Two people stand hand in hand in a state of innocence, communicating with each other and taking in the splendour of the natural environment around them. They are surrounded by a parsley plant. A beam of light shines down through the heavens as if nature is blessing their encounter.

This card brings an opportunity for  hopeful new beginnings and deeply connecting with another at a heart level. It may be meeting someone new with whom there is a sense of soul connection, or a renewal of an existing relationship indicating a sense of return to bliss and innocence, the wonder of meeting others with an open heart and letting our guards down.

A sense of trust and openness allows us to feel more safe with our vulnerabilities. It can feel a rare thing to meet someone who makes us feel this way, like divine intervention, providing a warm, compassionate, loving space for others in turn helps promote healing and a sense of hope for both sides.

We receive so many messages of doom and gloom around relationship prospects, feeling let down by our own or others responses from previous relationship experiences, that it can affect the way we respond when a new opportunity to relate presents itself.

This card nudges us to return to and maintain our open hearted, innocent, loving and trusting attitudes to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Be aware that our conditioned expectations of relationships may no longer apply, so be willing to forgive and let go of misconceptions and fear, and allow for authentic heart-centered relationships to unfold.

A Herbal Remedy to Cleanse and Re-energise
~ Parsley ~

This is a plant we know well as a common food garnish and easily available at our local shops, as such it mat be overlooked for its healing benefits. It's a powerful kidney cleanser, rich in chlorophyll promoting the elimination of toxins from all our body's cells, and packed with nutrients to increase our energy levels.

In astrology the kidneys are related to the sign of Libra, lover of balance and harmony, the opposite sign to independent, headstrong Aries. It's notable that we have two kidneys (renal organs) both working together to cleanse our body of toxins to be released through the urine. They are closely connected to our adrenal glands that sit directly on top of our renal organs which produce hormones such as adrenaline that boosts our energy and stimulates activity.

On a physical level it's important to be attentive to their healthy function to ensure health throughout our body. This is most visibly indicated in our skin quality and felt through our joints and muscles. Here in the northern hemisphere it is spring, so a good time to increase intake of parsley and other greens to refresh a sluggish system by adding it liberally to foods, green juices, dressings, dips.

However, with our modern day 24/7 culture, this may be beneficial wherever you are and at any time of year to cleanse your body systems occasionally. Traditionally spring and autumn mark dramatic seasonal changes where it is helpful to detoxify to help boost the immunity and energy for the seasons ahead. Working with a natural health practitioner can help you decide and create a detoxing plan to best suit your constitution.

Detoxing may not be only on a physical level, but also at an emotional and spiritual level. It's helpful to review our attitudes and mindsets, to weed out what no longer serves us for optimal flourishing, acknowledge them for what they have taught you and let them go so that you can move forward feeling lighter, cleaner and more energised to pursue mutually loving and healing connections with those around you.


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and you find it supportive to you moving forward into the cycle ahead. 

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