Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Love Letter ~ Cherry Blossoms & Healing Journeys

Spring blossom delight 

Dear Flourishing Friend,

Here in Edinburgh we have had the most amazing spell of springtime sunshine. The dandelions have been loving it, shining their vibrant yellow blooms for all to see and luring me outside to play with them on a daily basis. I have been hanging out with these dandy dudes, picking their flower heads to make nourishing nature mandalas, solar infused oil, and liver detox teas.

The evenings are getting longer here in Edinburgh which is such a luxury when the weather is so fine. I have been outside feeling my bare feet on the grass, reading my book on a cosy rug with a flask of tea under the trees in the park nearby.

I am surprised at times to see so few people enjoying their evenings outdoors, especially when the sun is still shining. The only folk who seem to be out and about are those being walked by their dogs. I am reminded of my daily outings with my dear companion Whisky dog, who I lost to cancer a year and a half ago.

As much as I love the outdoors, I venture out a lot less than when she was with me. In caring for her needs, I was inadvertently nurturing my own, being nourished by spending healing time in nature. Now that she is gone, I have become aware how important that time spent outside is for my body and soul.

I started to resist going out daily. In a way, walking those familiar paths would remind me of her. It still gave me an ache in my heart to know she wasn't going to pop out from behind the bushes where she might be sniffing around.

Dandy Lion Heart

I am grateful for my knowledge of healing herbs and plants to be leading walks outdoors as part of my work, but in between these times I noticed that my 'to dos' would usually get the better of me and apart from occasionally cycling to and from clinics, getting outside seemed to be pushed further and further down my priority list.

My hips and back started noticing my reduction in hill walking. My bicycle seat was at slightly awkward angle and I kept forgetting to ask my hubby to help fix it for me. I started to feel tingles and mild sciatica on one side, a general gradual stiffening in the lower back over many months which became acute after being struck down with a particularly nasty virus last November. After a week in bed and constant coughing, my back went into a spasm for about 3 weeks.

My usually flexible and agile body was transformed into that of a 90 year old, bent double, leaning on radiators and drawers to hobble around. I was in tears on a couple of nights and in a panic as I couldn't get out of bed to go to the toilet without excruciating pain.

People often say to me, "You must never get sick as a herbalist!" Well, I assure you I am subject to illness, accidents, stress and misfortune as all human beings are even with the vast array of healing herbal remedies at my fingertips!
Make a wish

I was doing a lot of emotional healing work and shifting last year which I am aware was also tied in with my physical aches and pains. I had been ignoring the subtle whispers of my body to take better care of myself, until it started to shout and finally scream in agony.

Finally I listened. I had no choice, I could hardly move. I was emotionally and physically exhausted after a personally challenging few years. I had been made redundant, changed work places several times, lost my beloved canine companion, endured a vicious personal attack over several months, keptafloat to support friends, family and clients going through their own personal challenges, organised a wedding, experienced a lot of upheavals, ups and downs...

Eventually, it all got too much. I needed to STOP... Slow... Right... Down...

So this racing hare transformed into a stiff old tortoise. Through my body being thrown out of balance, I found myself exactly where I needed to be. In a still, quiet, space, to heal my body, mind and spirit. I have been on a journey of self-love and empowerment, working through frustrations and pain to listen to my wise higher self, tune in to my creative flow and intuition, growing stronger roots to serve my community from a more grounded place, regaining my strength with the help of loving support networks and easing myself into a greater sense of flow, fun and playfulness.

I have rekindled my relationship with nature by discovering a passion for creating nature art and flower mandalas. It helps me get into a meditative healing space and deepens my connection with the plants that cross my path. I now cannot wait to get outside and see which plants will present themselves to play with me. I am fascinated by the shapes and colours that form out of the foliage I forage for art, contemplation, eating, drinking and remedy making.

So how about you? Do you find the space and time to tune into your body's whispers? How are you nurturing your body, mind and spirit? How is nature speaking to you? What could you do to nurture that relationship more?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and welcome you to explore in your own journal, or share with me in the comments, or via your favourite form of social media. If you wish, you can join me at my online playgrounds on any of the links below.

I look forward to connecting with you further on my latest blogs, some exciting upcoming herbal events, my clinics, especially my new clinic space on Fridays in the Garden Room at The Salisbury Centre, and my latest complimentary new moon readings here on my blog.

Spring blossom bliss and blessings,
Fiona Morris 
Herbalist & Holistic Therapist

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  1. Love your blog Fiona...glad you are feeling better

    Irene ♡♡

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Irene! So kind of you, look forward to meeting in person soon :) xo