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Herbal Tarot New Moon in Aries Card No 1

You chose Card No 1
Queen of Swords ~ Lady's Slipper

A queen stands bare foot out in the open, carrying a sword in her left hand. On her right she has a broken chain attached to her wrist, indicated that she has broken free from captivity. She has released herself through the conflict of mental bondage supported by encounters and allies along the way, such as the large Lady's Slipper plant that stands behind her. 

The queen is a mature figure, an aspect of our self or an embodiment of characteristics in someone we might admire. She is a leader among her network. Her behaviour is bold, unconventional and liberating.

The swords represent the air element governing our intellectual and thinking processes, suggesting her prison was a mental one. The air element is linked with the nervous system. Through the queen's journey through the air element, her awareness and wisdom has deepened with experience.

The queen of swords bare feet indicate that although she is a rational, intelligent, thoughtful woman, she is well balanced and connected with the earth. It is important for us all to remember that when life's influences lead us to imbalanced over-thinking, over-analysis, heady rationalism, remembering to find ways to connect with the earth is vital.

It's easy to get top heavy, burdened by ever increasing stresses and concerns. It can easier than we think to get relief from these symptoms of every day living by simply reconnecting with nature.

We can find a natural environment nearby, like a park or a garden for a breather, to kick off your shoes and experience the grass and soil beneath your feet, feel the breeze in your hair, against your skin, the heat of the sun on your face, the cooling sensation of the fresh air entering your lungs.

Becoming aware of everyday miracles is a natural remedy that benefits not only yourself, but is inspiring to others and leads the way for them to help themselves by doing the same.

A Herbal Remedy to Restore the Nerves 
~ Lady's Slipper ~

Lady's Slipper is a member of the orchid family and now quite rare due to unsustainable over harvesting, so it can be hard to come by at herbalist shops and expensive when you do. Valued as a medicine by Native American Indians where its use originates, its other common names are Nerve Root and American Valerian.

In traditional herbal medicine, Lady's Slipper root is used as a deeply relaxing, sedative, nervous system restorative remedy, and antispasmodic for cramping and tension. Its name alludes to the flowers appearance looking like a comfy slipper, but also alludes to its use as an analgesic and friend to ladies' menstrual moods, aches and pains.

However, it is beneficial to painful conditions of all sorts for any gender, especially where sleep is afflicted. There are many herbal remedies that can be more reliably found locally to use as alternative. 

Try calming herbal tea and tincture blends including herbs such as Chamomile, Linden blossom, Skullcap, Passiflora, St John's Wort or Valerian Root. All of these and many more can take the edge of nervous irritability.

Your experiences in grounding yourself and bringing yourself back to balance after a challenging period is an inspiration to others. Let nature support you in restoring yourself to liberating state of simplicity and calm.

I hope you have enjoyed your reading and you find it supportive to you moving forward into the cycle ahead. 

I'd love to hear how this resonates with and inspires you. If you have any insights, connections, recollections of any kind, I welcome you to share them with me in a comment below, a personal message, or on my Nourish and Flourish FB page.

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  1. Just found your site while searching for herbal info. Oh my, as they say you find what you need at the right time. This blog post and my chosen card was so personal, and inspiring. Looking forward to exploring more. Blessings x. Carol.

    1. Delighted to hear that Carol, happy the card you chose spoke to you. So many folks give similar feedback. It makes me smile with recognition. That's why I continue to do what I do. Blessings to you too :)