Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Herbal Tarot New Moon in Gemini Card No 1

You chose card no. 1

~ 8 of Pentacles ~

A solitary man kneels under a tree a safe distance from the distractions of local life, focused, determined, hard at work, skillfully crafting golden discs with his own hands.

He is dedicated to his art, consistently honing his skill with single pointed dedication and commitment. He has gone far beyond his apprenticeship and training, taking pride in his work with greater sense of ease and flow. His skills have become second nature. Creative output flows in a rhythmic and more structured way.

The craftsman is driven and passionate about his art, willing to sacrifice time and energy to throw himself into his career and produce his offerings to the world. It is easy to concentrate and focus, pouring heart and soul in your efforts when mind, body and spirit is in alignment.

Any awkward phase of trial and errors has long passed and solid progress can be made which is sure to pay off on many levels, such as personal security, professional growth, attracting respect and admiration from your peers.

Where does your passion lie? What structures are needed to bring your gifts to the next level? How can you create time and space away from daily distractions to allow a prolific outpouring from your creative heart? What can you do to optimally nourish yourself for a focused and productive period of creative intensity?

A Herb for Endurance ~ Siberian Ginseng

When you have set yourself a challenge and make a decision to commit to it with blood, sweat and tears, there are times you may feel energy flagging or a tendency to overdo leads to burn out.

Herbs with adaptogenic actions support your body in coping with the physical and mental demands of temporary self imposed stresses. Siberian Ginseng is one such herb. It is the root of the plant that is used, the part that holds steadfast to endure harsh and extreme environmental hardships through stormy wild weather and helps it to thrive regardless.

Taking this herb as a tincture, capsule or elixir on its own or alongside other supportive herbs may greatly aid short term personal missions. This may allow for a greater sense of energy when it is needed most, to give our body a boost of energy, balancing our adrenal stress response and maintain alertness.

There are times in life when we feel called to test our limits and go beyond. This herb may help, but also ensure that you look after yourself well with quality rest and nourishment too.

Your determination and focus can reap great rewards. Commitment to your work and art is admirable and serves you well in moving forward powerfully in the cycle ahead.


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and find it supportive in moving forward into the next cycle. 

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