Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Herbal Tarot New Moon in Gemini Card No 3

You chose card no. 3

~ XV The Devil ~

An attractive woman in opulent finery invites you to her fiery lair. She is alluring and mysterious, with feet of a goat, wings of a bat, a head dress of peacock feathers and ram's horns, a cheeky red tail.

Oooh, this one is a biggie! Are you ready for this? Summon up all your emotional resilience, the Devil card is one that holds a lot of push and pull, attraction and resistance, a yang to our yin. She evokes some strong emotions, passion, surrender, enjoyment, denial

Are you aware of your weaknesses? We all have them. They are so easy to observe in others, but not always so easy to observe in ourselves. However, true healing can only start from within. What areas of your life keep you feeling small and trapped? Where do you feel ready to strengthen and grow? What have you outgrown? What needs to be released and brought back into balance?

As challenging as this card may be, do we really want to keep brushing these issues back under the carpet or hidden away in a dark closet? Or is it time to clear out those cobwebs and give those dark corners of our mind a thorough spring clean?

The ram's horns symbolise a tendency to react without mindfulness or reflection of the consequences. In this card, a naked woman and man sit on the Devil's outstretched open hands. They are not in her clutches, as we might imagine. They are perfectly free to go whenever they choose. They are not imprisoned except for the self imposed shackles of their own minds.

By choosing this card, you are presented with an opportunity to honestly review your choices for what they truly are in the plain light of day. There is no fault. No one is to blame, but simply seemingly irresistible life choices that throw you into a dramatic dilemma of 'bad' and 'good'. In the clear light of wisdom, it is neither bad nor good, only what your mind chooses or has been conditioned to believe.

It may feel challenging to work with areas we feel seduced by and where we seem to have no power. We can become fiercely defensive of them as they remind us of our vulnerabilities, but this is precisely where conscious transformation has potential to grow.

The peacock's feathers may represent vanity and pride. On the other side of the coin, they are also symbolic of spiritual wisdom, in this case one that comes from an awakening and desire to liberate yourself from habits that keep you playing small. What is causing inflammation and irritation? What are you in denial of? If you're not sure, tune into your higher self for the answer. 

So what are your vices? Is it time for a fresh look at them? Perhaps their grip is not as tight as once imagined. In the shadow of night they may appear attractive, but on closer inspection things are rarely what they seem. Perhaps this devil is not the demoness she is made out to be, to be feared and reviled as much as our own ignorance? Is it even possible to grow without going through trials like these? Bring them on!   

A Herb to Help Release Addictions ~ Wood Betony 

Allowing for positive change physically, mentally, emotionally may call for humility. Thoughts and feelings of shame and regret may arise initiating another self-defeating cycle of negativity. Take the passion you currently hold for your addictions and self-limiting objects of desire and channel that resolve into training your mind in the areas of your life that you are ready to give strength to.

In the mean time, nervous system tonics, such as Wood Betony, in your tea blends or tinctures may ease the effect of these thought processes through the transitional period towards inner strength and freedom. This herb promotes a grounding effect in the body. It nourishes the nervous system and helps us get out of over thinking and headiness.

Your strength is forged through the temptress' tests. It's time wake up to your weakness and reclaim your power.


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and find it supportive in moving forward into the next cycle. 

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Love & healing blessings,
Fiona Morris 
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  1. Thanks for the reading Fiona - so interesting that I have been grappling with one of my weaknesses. I have a work colleague who works hard at undermining me and I find it hard to be kind to her. I know I am biased about everything she does! I feel she has broken my trust and I am taking her actions personally! I am working on this one <3

  2. You're most welcome Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Such a challenging situation you are in just now. Protect yourself in the best way you can. Hope some new perspectives may offer a positive shift in this situation, and powerful opportunity for growth. Sure you have a good network around you to support you through this time. Take extra good care of yourself & much love xo

  3. Interesting Fiona. What is coming to the surface for me at the present time is 'my fear to make the ultimate choice'. These are the exact words that come through in meditation and I am pondering on what the 'ultimate choice' is - the devil in me clocks it in fear. This fear is not a deep physical fear - its a lingering niggling fear (I think of recognising the ultimate choice rather than fear of the change it will bring). Interesting times for me I think. Thank you for this reading. xx