Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Herbal Tarot Reading New Moon in Gemini - 16th June

Welcome to this moon's herbal tarot reading! 

This new moon is in social, adaptable gemini, a mutable air sign representing themes such as communication, connections and intellectual inspiration. Ruled by swift moving planet mercury and associated with the colour yellow, I felt drawn to set up for this reading looking out onto Edinburgh's Salisbury Crags amongst a swathe of buttercups gently shivering in the breeze. 

It's a slightly overcast evening after recent sunny spells, but the flowers brighten up the cloudy midsummer evening light. It's a joy to sit outdoors with my flask of tea, feeling the earth beneath me, cozy on a rug, and finally getting to know my beautiful new Mucha Tarot cards, a gift from my sweet sister.

I scanned around me for nearby plant life and spot plantain seed heads, fluffy white cow parsley, vibrant purple pea flowers of common vetch vines peeking out at me invitingly. I gather a few for the tarot offering and settle down to marvel at their shapes and colours. 

My shuffling and plant arranging amongst a shimmering sea of golden petals attracts some curious dogs enjoying the evening air and their apologetic pet humans. I don't mind at all. I love dogs and reminds me of many great times leisurely lounging out in nature with my dear Whisky dog. 

It strikes me that dogs embody in many ways the qualities of gemini: curious, adaptable, playful, friendly. For many of us these fur-babies invite us to reconnect with a lightness of heart and unadulterated joy that can get lost with the cynicism of age... 

Now on to your reading...

Take a moment to 
into your heart... 
body & mind... 
close your eyes 
& focus your intention 
for the upcoming cycle.

When you are ready, open your eyes and choose your card:

Card 1     Card 2     Card 3

Love and blessings,

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