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25 Tips to Renew and Refresh for the New Moon

Foraged Greens Spring Equinox Mandala
I recently enjoyed a great evening hosting a local Spring Equinox Herbal Workshop, where we explored holistic methods and healing remedies for renewal, sampling freshly foraged herbal recipes to prepare and energise ourselves for the new season.

I'd like to share with you here in my Nourish & Flourish community some of the ideas for new moon rituals that we discussed to help us all kickstart into a new cycle feeling vibrant, refreshed and full of energy.

The methods below are all great to help you kickstart into a new season. To create your own new moon rituals, pick 5 tips that appeal to you most and schedule the time to do them in your diary in the next week.

Spring Equinox Herbal Workshop
You may wish to bookmark this page and return to this list again in time for the next new moons and see what appeals to help boost your energy for new beginnings. The new moon and the week leading up to it are the best times to do this if you wish to tune into natural energetic cycles in our environment, or simply choose something to feel renewed whenever you feel drawn to do so.

25 Tips to Renew and Refresh for the New Moon 

1. Herb foraging for Spring foods & drinks (pesto, soup, juices, smoothies)

2. Spring cleaning & de-clutter home

3. Give items no longer used away to charity

4. Buy a new outfit or item of clothing

5. “Spruce” up the home – sage smudging, cleansing essential oils in the burner, bicarb & vinegar washes, new scented candle

6. Clear out old or out of date toiletries, and make your own or buy new soaps, shampoos, body washes, scrubs and other body cleansing products.

DIY Ginger & Mandarin Salt Scrubs
7. Brighten up your home with some fresh flowers &/or new house plant

8. Boost your water intake - add sliced fruits and herbs for added health benefits & flavour

9. Make fire water (chilli & ginger infusions) to keep in a thermos over night and drink first thing in morning.

10. Take lemon water daily for an internal cleanse (half lemon in pint of water)

11. Visit your local health food shops for a kitchen cupboard restock on favourite ingredients, maybe try something new?

12. Include a lot more natural anti-infective & antibiotics in your diet for a while – fresh mixed herbs, sage, thyme, rosemary, chillis, onions, leeks, garlic, wild garlic, hedge mustard, etc.

13. Explore liver & kidney cleansing herbs, foods and drinks

14. Design spring detox plan with teas, juices, smoothies, increase raw foods & salads, through your own research or with the support of a natural health practitioner

15. Take time to browse your cookbooks, plan and shop for healthy and inspiring meals.

16. What physical activities do you enjoy, or have you in the past? Make a commitment to make time for this in your week. 

17. Go for a swim, sauna or steam

18. Release negativity by focusing on gratitude, forgiveness, appreciation

19. Take time for emotional & mental cleansing with meditation

20. Connect with nature – a beautiful Spring walk somewhere new, perhaps visit the ocean and breathe in the salty sea air

Healing Time at the Beach
21. Plants some seeds in your garden or in pots on your windowsill

22. List 5 things you love to do in your spare time – write date of last time you did this for each – choose one to make time for in coming week

23. Set new goals for the month and year and get them in your diary

24. Create a Vision board for specific projects you’d like to do or for the year ahead

25. Visit your Herbalist and other natural health practitioners for a relaxing treat and personalised wellness plan for the coming month and year ahead.

Hope you feel inspired to try some of these out. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the tips above, and any ideas of rituals for renewal that you enjoy that I may have left out of this list :)

To nourishing new beginnings,

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  1. Lovely post! I'm definitely bookmarking all these great tips.

    1. Fab Jodi! Hope you enjoy trying some of these out :) x

    2. Fab Jodi! Hope you enjoy trying some of these out :) x