Friday, 20 March 2015

New Moon Equinox Solar Eclipse Herbal Tarot Card 3

New Moon Equinox Solar Eclipse Herbal Tarot 

You chose XXI The World

In this card a powerful female figure in green stands in her lush grotto, gazing into a large crystal ball. This is the final card, no 21 in the series of Major Arcana Tarot cards, representing a full circle, a sense of completion, achievement, coming to the end of a long journey and the integration of lessons learned. There is a strong sense of peace and wisdom in this card. This figure is protected by her green nest with her window out to the universe. She literally has the world at her fingertips.

With the wisdom, accomplishment and learning she has gained from the many ups and downs of her life journey, she has the benefit of experience and a wider perspective giving her the freedom to dream up new visions and potential to initiate new journeys and projects from a place of empowerment. She naturally inspires those around her who admire her for everything she had managed to achieve through her own initiatives.

This is a good time to distill and reflect on your journey so far. Take the time to allow for new possibilities and purpose to emerge. It's time to use your acquired skills and experience in a new creative way and demonstrating your capabilities as a trail blazing leader, even just by following your own way and shining through your example.

It's time to stop, congratulate and celebrate yourself. Start dreaming for what might lie ahead for you and to bring the benefits of your experience to the world in a new way. Your journey has been truly inspiring and will lead the way to something new and even greater still.

A Herbal Remedy for Grounding Celebration
~ Lemon Verbena ~

This lovely citrus fragranced herb has a refreshing and energising flavour that brings cheer and optimism. It promotes balance with its digestive warming and nervous system calming properties. It brings a sense of celebration with its reviving effects. 

It's a perfect herbal tea to enjoy while taking the time to review the previous cycle, learning from it, bringing it to closure, and contemplating what these experiences may bring to the next cycle with a grounded sense of excitement of all the possibilities and wonders that lie ahead.


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and you find it supportive to you moving forward into the cycle ahead. I'd love to hear how this resonates with and inspires you. I welcome you to leave a comment below or on my Nourish and Flourish FB page.

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