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New Moon Equinox Solar Eclipse Herbal Tarot Card 2

New Moon Equinox Solar Eclipse Herbal Tarot Reading

You chose XI Justice

In this card a black and white winged female figure holds a balanced scales and a large feather quill. Around herb butterflies flutter. At he forehead a swirl is marked in the position of her third eye, indicating the practice of wisdom and insight.

The Justice card represents important decisions that need to be made bringing an attitude of responsibility to attention. The pros and cons need to be carefully weighed with fairness and a cool objectivity, especially where entering some kind of contract or official agreement.

There may be a feeling of pressure and indecision when taking bold new actions that require the stepping up to new responsibilities. The butterflies remind us to take things lightly and encourage us to move forward in ways that help us grow and transform into something greater and more beautiful, like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Rely on a clear mind, the aligned head and heart, and the wise higher self for guidance. You may want to take some time out in a peaceful place to release any confusion, and to gather your thoughts and resolve for the journey ahead. 

Know that you are never alone in your choices. Companions and guides are there to support your journey and help you with the decisions you must take, but in the end the choices are yours to make and no one but you truly knows what is best and right for you. Follow your heart and wisdom eye and you cannot make a wrong decision.

A Herbal Remedy for Mental Clarity
~ Rosemary ~

'Rosemary for remembrance' goes the old saying. This aromatic herb is rich in stimulating and energising essential oils. Its warming aroma helps us to wake up and feel more alert. It's often included in herb mixes where mental clarity and concentration is called on, such a demanding project or where a fuzzy mind or forgetfulness is an issue. 

Named Rosmarinus in Latin, St. Mary's Rose, its blue coloured flowers also have a connection with Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, also offering the support of the divine feminine for those who are inspired. Rosemary also has a connection to the third eye chakra area of wisdom, intuition and insight, which is assigned the colour of dark blue. 

Enjoy this herb fresh or dried in teas, or carry a fresh spring to sniff often to help give yourself a mental boost, feeling invigorated and clear to take the essential next steps forward.


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