Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Herbal Tarot Reading ~ New Moon in Aquarius, Tues 20th Jan 2015

Welcome to your New Moon in Aquarius Herbal Astro Tarot Reading! This month your gift is coming to you from sunny Penang Island in Malaysia, where I am enjoying a visit with my dear parents who retired here almost 13 years ago.

This is the third New Moon reading I have enjoyed offering on this blog and loving the feedback I have been receiving, so this year I intend to offer these every new moon for the year ahead.

The New Moon invites us to set new intentions for the cycle ahead. When it falls in Aquarius, the emphasis is particularly in trying out something new, innovative and out of the ordinary.

As Aquarius is an air sign, it's a good time to explore our mental realms and make a stand for your own unique version of self expression. It's a fantastic inspirational challenge while we are still basking in the refreshing newness of 2015, with a brand new year on our doorstep.

If you have taken part in my earlier readings you will know that I combine my holistic herbal practice into the readings so you can also look forward to some natural health and wellness tips to support whatever card reading you intuitively choose.

In today's reading I am using the Shadowscape Tarot that were gifted to me by a wonderful friend and herbalist tarot reader friend, Elly.

So now onto your reading...


Take a moment to relax and 
sit comfortably where you are...

Inhale a few deep breaths into 
your heart, closing your eyes...

Allow your intention for the
next lunar cycle to come to mind...

Ask for any guidance that would be 
supportive for you to receive right now...

When you're ready, open your eyes...

Choose a card, then click on the number of the card you feel most drawn to:

Love and blessings,

Fiona Morris - Herbalist & AstroTarot Reader


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