Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Moon Aquarius Herbal Tarot ~ Card no 3

New Moon in Aquarius Herbal Tarot Reading

You chose card no 3 ~ King of Cups

"Under the sea... Under the sea... everything's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea"
That little ditty from The Little Mermaid cartoon came to mind when I turned over this card and it brought a smile to my face, so I couldn't resist putting it here :)

The King of Cups rules the water element, representing the realm of emotions and feelings. He's pictured in this card upright and rising up out of billowing tangles of seaweed, with two trusty turtle companions by his side, and a seahorse reporting for duty. The King holds a majestic golden chalice, absolutely full to overflowing, naturally being held in the depths of the ocean. 

Kings represent mastery. This card depicts a master of emotions. He is skilled in the art of love and relationships, having experienced the many ups and downs through his life journey and application to growth in this area. He demonstrates an emotional and intuitive maturity rarely seen in others.

It's particularly interesting to observe a mature male figure to symbolise developed emotional awareness, as the realm of emotions is more commonly linked to the feminine. Here, the focus is on a more masculine presentation of handling emotions, such as having kind and loving boundaries in your relationship with yourself and others, giving and receiving in equal measure to honour, respect your time and energy.

This card may also appear to encourage us to seek out role models with these sorts of qualities, male or female, as guides or inspirational leaders on your own path to emotional mastery. If anyone of this description comes to mind, perhaps seek them or their work out for advice, guidance or mentoring. 

If you yourself, identify with this character, you may consider reaching out to others to share valuable lessons learned in how to relate better to others. What you have to offer is worthy and important to those on a similar path just now.

A Natural Remedy Tip
to Strengthen and Bring Balance

The first herb that came to mind was of course a seaweed. In particular, Kelp that is widely used as a natural health supplement and edible, rich in nutritious minerals promoting healthy organs and tissue repair. Kelp is rich in iodine which is nourishing to the thyroid, a gland that helps our body maintain healthy energy and metabolism. 

If our energy levels are out of balance and pushed to extremes, it may be beneficial to take Kelp and other seaweeds as a supplement or in food to ensure and adequate mineral and nutritional intake to nourish the excess demands on our body.

This is important alongside addressing and rebalancing the relevant areas in our life to deeply honour our time and energy with self and others in a balanced way

We may need to grow emotionally and be kind, but firm with ourselves to do so. If we can take this level of self care to heart, the rewards for self and everyone around you will be great and nourishing on every level for body, mind and soul.


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and you find it supportive to you moving forward into the cycle ahead. I'd love to hear how this resonates with you and welcome you to leave a comment below or on my Nourish and Flourish FB page.

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  1. Yes..very helpful Fiona and definitely resonates with me....would you believe it, I had started recently to take some sea kelp tablets which I had in my cupboard!