Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Moon Aquarius Herbal Tarot ~ Card no 2

New Moon in Aquarius Herbal Tarot Reading

You chose card no 2 ~ Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles shows a dancing juggler playing with two large golden coins, perfectly balanced on a precipice overlooking high mountain peaks. He's perfectly calm and nimble in his flowing movements surrounded by his flying faerie friends. His monkey companion is sitting peacefully at his feet, so still that a golden butterfly perches on his nose.

When a pentacle card appears in a reading, this encourages you to pay attention to earthly matters, such as money and security. While this can be a heavy and difficult area for many, the character shows that getting into balance in this area can also be light and fun if you intend it to be so and focus your attention here. 

Allow your relationship with money and stability to become a dance of flowing energy that feels joyful and uplifting. Remember that we have guides and helpers around us that we can tune into and get in touch with to support us when our flow becomes blocked. The high peaks suggest a fresh perspective that can bring light and healing to any issues in this areas.

The monkey, usually symbolic of hyperactive physical and mental actions, is sitting quietly demonstrating that even the wildest of minds can be trained and simply by being calm, delightful gifts and abundance can come almost without effort, manifesting in joyful and magical ways.

You may find opportunities to take a lighter, more playful approaches to finances and stability arise easily just now. Try out some meditative sitting or movement to shift any stuck thinking in these areas. You might end up surprising yourself and inspiring others in turn.

A Natural Remedy Tip
for Meditation, Calm and Flexibility

Frankincense is a precious tree sap resin and remedy with many benefits. The scent of Frankincense alone as incense or essential oil helps to calm the mind and deepen breathing, a perfect complement to enhance a meditative state. 

Taken internally as capsules or diluted in water as a water tincture, it can help not only help promote a more relaxed state, but it is also used in traditional herbal medicine as an anti inflammatory to joints and muscle tissue, and tonic to the respiratory system. Frankincense can encourage increased strength, flexibility and easier breathing. 

As a well known sacred herb and gift from one of the three wise men on the occasion of Jesus' birth, this golden coloured plant extract also has energetic connections with giving, receiving and abundance.


I hope you have enjoyed your reading and you find it supportive to you moving forward into the cycle ahead. 

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Healing blessings,

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  1. Perfect! This is the area I am working on at the moment and have a strong focus of change in this area of my life. I tend to get a bit frenetic about security and finances. Now I will use the helpful reading and the lunar energy to really bring this new approach in. Peace Thank you Fiona

    1. That's wonderful Jacqueline. Lovely to receive your feedback on how your card choice is supportive to your focus just now. Wishing you an abundance of security and finances through simple shifts in energy. Love, Fiona :)

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful interpretation of the card. I have been living in Australia for the last 23 years, and can't wait to come back home and live in Edinburgh! It was true synchronicity that I decided to read the TABI newsletter and then your blog. Your website is fabulous.

    1. Wow, that really is serendipitous! Love hearing stories like this and wonderful that you'll soon be in my neighborhood. Hope to meet you in person sometime when you get back to the 'burgh! Thanks for your kind words about your reading and my site. Love, Fiona :)

  3. Hi Fiona - this is a great reading, I'm looking forward to the ones to come. thanks, Deborah

    1. Thanks so much Deborah! If you haven't already do sign up for my email love letters so I can send you an update of when the next one comes out. Or simply turn up to Nourish and Flourish blog on the New Moon, Love, Fiona :)