Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Moon Aquarius Herbal Tarot ~ Card no 1

New Moon in Aquarius Herbal Tarot Reading

You chose card no 1 ~ The Chariot

The Chariot shows a woman standing upright dressed in protective armour in a winged chariot drawn by two white unicorns. They have already come far on their journey from the ethereal kingdom in the clouds down to sea level where they are poised ready to enter a new stage in their journey, from the realm of air into the ocean.

Under the water is a crab resting on a moon disc, the guardian of a shin golden orb of energy deep in the watery depths. Five ancient wise turtles circle around the crab and orb as their wise protectors.

This card often appears when you are already well on your way of a magical adventure of discovery whose origins began in a moment of inspiration. It encourages a moment to take stock of the journey so far. To prepare to reach your goal you have previously had to get organised and planned out the various stages, knowing that there may be hidden obstacles and unknowns to contend with.

Now is the time brace yourself for here for a new stage in your journey. This requires you to summon the warrior courage, confidence and energy to embark on what is to come, taking a moment for some deep breaths and reflection on the lessons of previous successes and challenges that may be brought to this present moment. 

You're readying yourself before you forge forward again, plunging into uncharted waters and new depths. Remember that you can always draw on the support of your guides, protectors and companions whenever you may veer unexpectedly off course. Take time to rest up and repair to resource yourself for your current mission and get back on track with renewed vigour and optimism.

A Natural Remedy Tip 
for Weary Travellers to Get Back on Track

Ginger is a fantastic re-energising remedy to help you get back in balance while on your travels, whether taken boiled up fresh as a tea, drops of herbal tincture diluted in water, chewed raw in slices, as crystallised chewy or hard sweets. 

Ginger is a classic remedy to aid digestion, relieving nausea from indigestion, sea sickness, travel sickness, morning sickness, or dizziness. It's a gently warming circulatory stimulant that helps settle the stomach, energise, and steel the nerves to continue moving forward towards your destination. 

Try buying some fresh ginger to add to curries and stir fries. I also love cutting long raw slices and adding it to infuse with a bottle or jug of water to sip on throughout the day as a reviving pick-me-up.


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